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About Cloud 9 Events

Cloud 9 Events, situated gracefully on the elevated fifth floor of The Olive Ann Hotel in downtown Grand Forks, proudly stands as the epitome of opulence among event venues in Grand Forks. Boasting unparalleled vistas of the cityscape and an impeccable standard of service, it exudes an air of sophistication infused into every facet of its contemporary design. Bathed in an abundance of natural light cascading through its enveloping windows, the venue creates an ethereal ambiance.

Our esteemed establishment is an idyllic choice for intimate soirées, grand weddings, or distinguished corporate gatherings. We offer a diverse selection of thoughtfully curated packages, tailored to meet your unique requirements and ensure an indelible experience. With an expansive capacity accommodating up to 350 guests, Cloud 9 Events provides the ideal canvas for crafting memorable moments.

Wedding at Cloud 9 Events

Photo by: Sabrina Benning Co

Why Choose Cloud 9 Events in Downtown Grand Forks

Cloud 9 Events epitomizes a captivating setting that exudes elegance, catering effortlessly to a diverse range of events. Nestled gracefully on the fifth floor of the esteemed The Olive Ann Hotel, this venue serves as an exquisite haven for your esteemed guests. Complementing this opulent environment, the hotel offers a delightful array of amenities, including the renowned Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea and the esteemed Skies 322 restaurant. Meticulously curated with utmost attention to detail, this venue guarantees to astound your guests with its flawless presentation. The entire edifice presents a harmonious blend of grandeur and aesthetic perfection.

Our esteemed Cloud 9 Events team is wholly devoted to providing you with unparalleled service, ensuring a seamlessly executed event that surpasses all expectations.

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